Thursday, June 20, 2013

Issue 1 of Pixies of Eglantine now live online!

A very big thank you to the poetry contributors of the first issue of Pixies of Eglantine! Since this is an annual publication - it will be published once a year on Midsummer - submissions are on a rolling basis, as with Exercise Bowler. Submission guidelines appear on the site, but right now, I hope you all enjoy reading Issue 1.

-Julie Kovacs

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Issue 13 of Exercise Bowler is now online

Issue 13 of Exercise Bowler marks three years of the publication! First released in June 2010, I never realized just how successful a one-woman operation this could become. A huge, huge, HUGE thank you to everyone who has contributed their poetry over the past three years - if it wasn't for the many names you see in Exercise Bowler, why, the publication never would have existed!

Meanwhile, enjoy reading Issue 13!