Saturday, January 29, 2011

Poem of the Week

Early Spring

A snake snuggles between the marigold and lobelia plants
in the rectangular garden box in the backyard.

A mother duck with her newly hatched babies
swim towards the center of the lake.

One fish is seen jumping in the distance
in and out of the water
executing stunts like an Olympic swimmer.

Two beams of sunlight dance with each other
on the surface of the water
faint whispers in the background
heard from dragonflies
taking a siesta on the black rock
under the ancient pine tree.

Copyright 2011 Julie Kovacs

Friday, January 14, 2011

Poem of the Week

Sandhill Crane Restaurant

Three sandhill cranes walked along the lake
discussing how many bugs each one could find for lunch
until one of them spoke up
and said there was a great Italian restaurant downtown
where they can get something decent
to fill their bellies
in the cold winter weather.

The other two birds nodded their heads
and flew off
chatting loudly enough
to wake the neighbors
arrived on the green
in the center of town,
looking eager for some hot food
which was better than bugs and tastier.

Walking inside the restaurant
the host showed them their seats
where they ordered spaghetti with
pesto sauce not too spicy but just right.

Both the food and service was excellent enough
for the birds to return again
their graceful presence
delighting the customers
and having no qualms about encouraging their
friends to stop by and have lunch with them.

Once the birds finished eating they paid the bill
in golden eggs and left,
knowing the restaurant owner would mistake
the eggs for magical ones
instead of chocolate covered Easter eggs.

Copyright 2011 Julie Kovacs. All rights reserved.