Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poem of the Week

Non-Policed Life

Nondescript life
rows and rows of houses spanning the entire city block
red white blue
all with flawless lush green leaves
white picket fences
and a small doghouse off to the side of the yard.

Beyond the city block lay
the one sole house that looked different from all the others
a castle in the Victorian house style
four turrets
elaborately carved frame around the porch
four stories high
pale blue in color.

The one man who lived there
reputed to be a magician
not the stage variety either
had only one sole housemate
some say it is his granddaughter
others say it is a very young wife
who has no family of her own.

As quietly as they lived surrounded by trees
flowering bushes and the biggest garden in the city
nobody ever saw them in town much
yet the unusual couple were happy together
not burdened by the worries other families in the city seemed to have
mortgages children keeping up with Joneses.

Perfectly happy with what they had
each other
no fighting yelling or screaming
a lifestyle well suited to them
with no one to interfere
tell them what to do or how to do it

no policing meant peace and happiness.

Copyright 2011 Julie Kovacs