Sunday, October 3, 2010

Poem of the Week

Your Secrets Are Yours

Your secrets are yours
buried in the most inconspicuous places
that only the oak and cypress trees see every day
as you walk down that narrow driveway
to the mailbox
paying your bills
and checking to see if the geraniums need watering.

Right underneath eggs and bread on the grocery list
you write in purple ink
a secret fantasy
nobody knows about but you
sunk in a china teacup
with 24 K gold edging
and violets hand painted on the front.

A smile from the edge of the universe
brings over the waves of serenity
an invisible cloak with magical letter inscribed
permit you to navigate the rocky path of life

seeing only what you want others to see
seeing only pink skies laced with mandarin orange
seeing only hazel eyes gazing up from the pillow

waiting for that elusive last breath
from your lustrous teeth.

Copyright 2010 by Julie Kovacs

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