Friday, August 7, 2009

After the Night

"After the Night" was published in the July 1, 2007 issue of The Persistent Mirage:

After the Night

Laying there looking around

not seeing anything

not seeing the television

not seeing the window

not seeing what is on the other side of the window

not seeing a world past the window

not seeing anything but blood

streaming out of the mouth like a waterfall

creating a black puddle on the floor

black nothing but black

creating a flood indoors

and outdoors

drowning the roses

drowning the pansies

drowning the lilies and irises

drowning my whole life out

the blood dries

and empties through the pit

where love, trust and hope lay at the bottom

beneath the layers of humanity

lost and remain uncovered

until the cold marble of my skin

is warmed by your gentle touch

holding onto me

even though I am falling

I never fall too far

into the vat of blood

from your heart

that comforts protects

and provides the best security

that can only come with

the silence of your skin

blanketing my soul.

Copyright 2007 by Julie Kovacs. Not to be reproduced without consent from the writer.

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