Friday, August 7, 2009

Pot of Gold and Trading Favors

"Pot of Gold" and "Trading Favors" appeared in the November 2007 issue of Elegant Thorn Review:

Pot of Gold

Two heads facing downward

through the clouds contemplated

making a new world no concrete

skyscrapers or highways

exist supplanted by

fields of grass rock gardens

waterfalls splashing water

into ponds with small groups

of rocks each time

water covered a rock

the rock wailed

unheard by surrounding

waters moving backward

while the rock moved forward

unobserved by anyone

except the two radiant faces

leaving a rainbow surrounding

the rock in a bow

and a gold coin on the top

unremovable by anyone except the rock.

Trading Favors

Escaping from highway gridlock on route 10 south

I hopscotch across the mountain tops

off into forests of job offers

shirts and skirts with my label on them

smiles that say comfort and ease

a coat of warmth that says thank you

for not using my coat from a four-legged

friend who used to be fed a bottle of formula

as an infant and played catch with a toy rubber ball

that belonged to my old ferret named Mandy.

Only twice now I didn’t notice when someone

wore a black cocktail dress of mine

but that was because I was too busy enjoying

chocolate truffles and herbal tea

made by the two gracious ladies.

"Pot of Gold" and "Trading Favors" are Copyrighted 2007 by Julie Kovacs. Not to be reproduced without consent from the writer.

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