Monday, August 10, 2009

Sixty Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz

Hafiz has long been one of my favorite poets in the world of Sufi poetry. Below is one of his books worth reading if you love Sufi poetry:

A brief description:

To Persians, the fourteenth-century poems of Hafiz are not classical literature from a remote past, but cherished love, wisdom, and humor from a dear and intimate friend. Perhaps, more than any other Persian poet, it is Hafiz who most fully accesses the mystical, healing dimensions of poetry. Daniel Ladinsky has made it his life's work to create modern, inspired translations of the world's most profound spiritual poetry. Through Ladinsky's translations, Hafiz's voice comes alive across the centuries singing his message of love.Daniel Ladinsky is the translator of The Giftand Love Poems from God. For six years he lived with the family of Meher Baba in a spiritual community in western India.

This book will make a great addition to any collection of Sufi or Persian literature.

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