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Poems from Purple Dream

Here are some poems that appeared in Purple Dream and the dates published:

Published August 2007:

Running With Rabbits

Signaling with my extended right pinky to
the ferret waving to me he picked

up on my code signal and ran into the kitchen
to bring me a glass of grapefruit juice
and a piece of vanilla cake.

Jumping into my lap for chin scratching and
words of reward what he really wanted

to hear was if he was going to finally get a new
BMW for his birthday so he could cruise

around town and pick up the most popular bunnies.

Published December 2007:


Four walls surrounding me
four white walls with no windows and one small doorway
walls bare of any pictures or paintings
the walls start to look like prison bars
suffocating space
even though I can walk around
and enter and exit the doorway
into a room with another four walls like the first one.

A caged animal feels freer
lurking around the corner of the wall
where the doorway leads to the cell where I sleep.

Did I say cell?
I meant room, of course.
I would never be placed into a cell
with nowhere to go
nothing to do or see
when I have my best friends
with me all the time
living on the ceiling to floor shelves
Sand, Maupassant, Colette and Zola
in residence free of rent or lease
owned and loved by me
there is always more room
within these walls for new residents
next week, Dumas and Flaubert are moving in with me.

Published December 2007:

Interspecific Apposition

Peacock vibrant azure
glanced at me displaying
his tail enigmatic smile

a pickup line normally
common only this one
spoke into my heart

the bar I met him at
offered nectar created
by the butterflies

served by dragonflies
tending the intoxicating drinks
whispering among themselves

how he came here once
a week on the same time
at the same time seeking

that one perfect mate
craning his neck he faced me
investigating my appearance

and inquiring about my health
he wanted to be sure his
potential mate would be able to

provide him with the attention
needed and a successor immortal
when his tail delicately brushed

my right cheek signifying it
was time to leave with him
leaving the bar I followed him

back to his nesting ground
when he blinked his eyes at me
and finally spoke,

“Thank you for being the vessel
of my life.”

Published January 2008:

Today’s Event

The letter at the bottom of the stairs
had the right address on it
from down south where
my cousin’s best friend
went to college
to study chemistry and rhetoric.

He was the only guy I knew who
read Diderot as a hobby and
collected medieval artwork
of fabulous animals
that visited Alfred’s court.

Once we got to know each other
he extensively shared memories
of his days at Hampden Sydney
and never forgot to mention
every time how he was the center
for the basketball team
and never missed a game during
his entire academic career.

He once sang the entire catalog of
Queen songs for a contest during spring break
winning first place and the prize was
a fortune cookie from the Chinese take out
restaurant over on Fifth Street.

More often than not he would visit me
first when he came to town, even before
he went to the automotive store
to look at the new radials.

Published February 2008:

Fervent Dulcitude

Conversation entailing words unexplored
one person observing in silence

peering into a territory forbidden to
discover a monster unleashed

a heavy door quickly shut and bolted
intrusion prevented soon enough

a rare beautiful flower nurtured to its
fullest growth happy in a house

every day a celebration with
a salad and corn on the cob

filet mignons French fries with cookies and cakes
for dessert while sitting in front

of a fireplace descending into a world
secure free from stress and obstacles

to our shimmering limbs welded into a
solitary container vibrating

constantly changing shape but never
cracking open to release

this feeling of quiescence supreme.

Published March 2008:

Sealed Affection

Two swans on a crystal lake
the female of the birds leans over
to nuzzle her mate for life
necks embracing feathers
gently caressing creating sparks
of desire while the lucid breeze
among the cypress trees
dances in the sky

clouds disappear behind the
two moons shining upon
each of the birds transformed
into two spirits floating
through eternity.

Published April 2008:

Meeting Through the Glass

Billowing pillow upright in front of my face
perfect for me to smother my frustrations in
rubbing to the left
rubbing to the right
rubbing up
rubbing down
hands covering
strong sweet refuge

transformation into living
breathing warmth
permanent lingering
across space and time

unexpected always present
repeatedly solicited squeezes
unique from the giver himself.

Published May 2008:

Midnight Stroll

Awoken early in the twilight morning
by the tepid air breathe scintillating
particles upon my face
I felt my heartbeat slow after
exultation the touch that never
left the night before
that was the same feeling
potentiate since it commenced
two years ago
obliteration of tiny insignificant
particles extraneous
useless and undue
for our present arrangement
being at one
divorced from the grasp of
super curious eyes mouths and hands
that have unknowingly been shielded
by an impervious wall unseen by
everyone but us.

Published May 2008:

Bold Journey

A narrow dirt road winding around a lake
lined by tall grass leading through a forest
where the party resides among the unseen
people laughing drinking nectar from the
honeysuckle trees and garlands of wildflowers
tossed about each person’s neck bidding farewell
to each passerby who stopped to join but had
a more pressing engagement further up the road
empty spots by the sides were a combination of
bleak and lively too common for the traveler
to want to take part of.

Winding up to a small hill the path is covered
by a whipped sugar fog welcoming an appropriate
end right up to five small headstones
each one read slowly anticipation of my own name
on the last one where I am supposed
to be buried but I am not.

Published July, 2008:

Flight Into Watery Space

New shoes with heels in the clouds
747 forty fighter jets
circling in harmonious speed
straight down the runway
feet racing
trajectory parallel
sight speeding through a tunnel
ninety miles per hour
headfirst the temperature of the water
changing from warm to cold to warm
to boiling slowly emerging
cleansed whole
scent of marigolds and lilacs
sprinkled forth from a void
collecting into a pool at
the bottom of my feet.

Published July, 2008:

Two Cicadas

Two cicadas hovered
above the lilac leaves
past their season
one hopped onto
page 112 of a psychology book
while the other
gazed at a painting
by Rousseau, "The Waterfall",
thinking that
one of the grass huts
was the honeymoon home
just for them.

All poems Copyright 2007-2009 Julie Kovacs. Not to be reproduced without consent from the author.

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