Friday, August 7, 2009

Garden Party and The Perfect Real Estate

"Garden Party" and "The Perfect Real Estate" were published in the June 2007 issue of Aquapolis:

Garden Party

Turning off


surrounded by

unpleasant sounds

free to get up and move


but walk away

never towards

into that

noose left for me

wisely avoided

flying away into

the sky free


upon entering

the square hole

left open for me

by Eric

who gave me

the most important song

I will ever hear

sparkling blue eyes


when I said “Thank you”

to him

never waving goodbye

always saying hello.

The Perfect Real Estate

Heat coming out of the ground

wayward feet searching for the

right planet to land on

hopscotch from star to star

which family is the right one to join

not the one where your life

is behind your back

not the one where you

are significantly different

not the one where

they walk on their hands

all day long.

One coming

three going

how many bedrooms

were locked and boarded up

continuous hallways

leading to doorways

of other dimensions

inviting a new resident.

Floating above the

emerald hills down the streets

past open air markets

natural coves where

a private tea party

can be given and

joyous laughter exchanged.

A new school on opening day

completely modernized

with up to date technology

and bright white walls

impressionist art scattered

around here and there

curriculum material inclusive

thought provoking

exploring uncharted regions

of the human mind where

the most welcoming home

has vacancy for

the lost and forlorn

peace and security

watery orbs relegated

far below into the ground

where they belong with death.

Copyright 2007 by Julie Kovacs. Not to be reproduced without consent from the writer.

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